Here are some things Mallory’s past doula clients have shared about their experiences working with her.

“Completely taken care of from beginning to end”

~Maria S.

Mallory was great to work with. She has a great communication style which made it easy to ask questions and get timely, easy-to-understand answers. She has so much knowledge about childbirth and made us feel comfortable by offering strategies for different situations that may arise during labor and delivery. I was worried about mobility with an epidural and Mallory was great in explaining how I would be able to move during labor, what my options were. She made me feel a lot better going into it and when it came down to it, she was great at helping me maneuver into the right positions (and even brough visuals to help me get into the right position). 

We had a long, atypical birth and Mallory was able to help us naviagte difficult decisions by providing black and white information. She was by our side the entire weekend and was our advocate every step of the way. When our birth plan went out the window, she was supportive in navigating plan B and helped us feel confident in asking for what we wanted, pushing back against what we weren't comfortable with, and provided ideas and suggestions when we felt stuck. 

She provided great post-partum follow-up including links to lactation videos and post-partum maternal care ideas. I appreciated her support after coming home from the hospital as it made me feel completely taken care of from begining to end.

“A voice of reason with our wants and needs in mind”

~ Kelsi B.

Upon meeting, we talked a lot about my first birth and how we can allow my feelings for this labor and delivery to not be controlled by the PTSD and trauma. From the first visit, Mallory assured us this would be a totally different delivery. We would have a great delivery and a completely different experience. I truly believe none of that could have happened without her. She was a voice a reason with our wants and needs in mind. We had goal words of how we wanted to feel after the delivery and talked strategy on what to do at home for early and active labor activities. She kept communication lines going as I got closer to my due date to see how I was feeling, if I felt any progress in my labor, and if I needed any additional support. She made me feel cared for and supported in a way that was much different than the support I was receiving from my husband. Not a better support - just different. She had the educational background, willing to listen and make me feel heard in my journey to delivery. She allowed us to discuss all options out loud and helped us weigh all decisions as those moments came. She ensured that both my husband and I were taken care of both physically and emotionally. Mallory was amazing at assisting me through my contractions and teaching my husband techniques in the moment so that he could be just as hands-on and not just sitting in the corner. Our postpartum visits with her were crucial for me. They allowed me to express those feelings that creep into your new mom brain in the middle of the night during feedings. She would listen and remind me of my goals I had set and provided an encouragement that again, made me feel seen and heard. Mallory would periodically text me to check-in and was available for any questions I had as we continued to get settled into our new normal. Mallory made this experience one for us that will be unforgettable and was the best decision we made during this pregnancy.

“We felt so prepared and in excellent hands.”

~ Lexi H.

Mallory is the BEST! We met her at our Parenting Class through Great Starts (excellent by the way) and we knew immediately we needed her as our doula. She is so knowledgeable and caring. We met twice before the birth to get all our questions answered, and even though we knew her from class as our instructor, she went above and beyond from the things we learned in class to go over more of what could happen. We felt so prepared and in excellent hands. She even provided us with a backup doula in case she was away. Well we had to use the backup doula because I had to have an emergency C-section 3 weeks early—but she was there in spirit and kept up with how we were doing even while she was on vacation. She made us feel comfortable and confident even though the whole birth plan went out the window! Afterward she came to us twice to go over infant care and help with any questions we had. It was refreshing and needed. Mallory is down to earth, full of knowledge, and a forever friend. We highly recommend her for your birthing journey.

“Warm, professional, funny, and real.”

~ Aly A.

We feel lukcy to have found Mallory and to have had her support leading up to and after the birth of our second child. I was attempting a VBAC and Mallory supported me through the decision to transfer care at 36 weeks and then in considering whether to induce or schedule a c section. Throughout the entire process Mallory was validating, encouraging, and supported my processing of my birth experience. She was warm, professional, funny, and real. I appreciated her ability to reflectively listen and recall details from my previous pregnancy that directly impacted my approach to and decisions around my second delivery. 

I wouldn't hestitate to utilize her as a doula again.